Company History

Company History

Established 1816 at Beltonford, Dunbar. The Company was ownedand named by a Mr Sherriff Robertson, who eventually relocated to a site where the Village Hall now stands in West Barns.

In 1865 new premises were built at the current site, designed to expand the manufacture of all types of seed sowing machinery and repair of the various machines used in farming at that time. Records show that a washing machine was designed and marketed by Mr Thomas Robertson, the son of the Founder, who also changed the name of the Company to Thomas Sherriff & Co.

Eventually the Company was sold to John Wallace of Glasgow, who in turn soldout to Stenhouse Holdings. Wartime saw the import under lease lend of OliverTractors and Ploughs, heralding the start of the change to mechanised farming.

In 1965 a new Company was formed under the leadership of Mr JI Elder with Mr Colin Clark and Mr Andrew Humphreys as Shareholder/Directors. Eventually Mr Irvine Elder left the Company and Mr Colin Clark took over the duties of Managing Director.

A policy of expansion followed the appointment of the Company to the John Deere Dealership Network, with premises being purchased at Haddington in 1971, Stowin 1977, Eccles rented in 1980 then relocated to the new premises in 1997 and Alnwick in 1990.

The Collingwood Arms was purchased in 1985 and sold in 2001.

Mr Colin Clark died in 1977, when the plane he was piloting crashed and Mr Andrew Humphreys died in 1978.

Since then the Company has been run by the team of Director/Shareholders, whose efforts contributed to the expansion and success now enjoyed.